Overview: Microfiber

Wiper Central manufacturers and distributes a comprehensive line of Microfiber cleaning products, including cloths, mops, poles, frames and buckets.

We also offer our customers support and training to implement a cost-effective and environmentally friendly Microfiber cleaning system.

Microfiber towels can be used dry or damp on any type of surface, while the flat mops can handle a wide variety of flooring. Microfiber wet mops are capable of cleaning up all kinds of liquid messes and Microfiber dust mops are ideal for dry floor cleaning.

Our fluid dispensing FloMop pole is a handy way for saturating wet mops with diluted solutions or use our custom buckets and carts for easy mop access while on the move.

It’s better!

microfiber-its-betterWhile “old-fashioned’ cotton cleaning tools simply push dirt, bacteria and chemicals around (actually gathering more nastiness), Microfiber attracts dirt and captures it forever.

Microfiber strands are split or “cracked” 10 times which creates a positive electric charge. The dirt and dust particles have a negative charge which makes them a perfect match — one who’s bond is super strong.

It’s healthier!

microfiber-its-healthierAccording to the EPA, Microfiber leaves traditional mops in the dust when eliminating harmful bacteria.
When bacteria culture is taken after cleaning with a Microfiber mop, there can be up to a 99% reduction from precleaning vs just a 33% reduction when using regular cotton mops.

It’s safer!

microfiber-its-saferOur Microfiber solutions greatly reduce inhaling and/or absorption of toxic chemicals.

Can you believe that each year in the United States, commercial structure managers spend as much on hazardous cleaning chemicals as is spent on over 1 million cars, or 100,000 houses?!* Our cleaning solution significantly decrease this demand, which benefits everyone!
*Source:  Chemical Free Cleaning Network

It’s green!

microfiber-its-greenUsing Microfiber is the responsible thing to do for your business, employees and the Earth.

Because less chemicals need to be used in the average cleaning, there is less contaminated water entering the water stream. According to the EPA, this can result in up to a 95% reduction in cleaning chemicals in our water supply. Also, because a soiled Microfiber mop is never returned to the cleaning solution it’s a healthier and safer solution — there is never cross-contamination or unnecessary contact with cleaning chemicals.

It’s sustainable!

microfiber-its-sustainableOur Microfiber solutions promote human sustainability by protecting personal wellness.

LESS LIFTING: Our products eliminate the need for the constant lifting, filling and moving of buckets that weigh an average of 30lbs. Plus, our mops weigh an average of 5lbs. less than traditional cotton mops. This can significantly reduce worker compensation claims.

It’s smart!

As if all the other benefits are not enough, Microfiber is a financial no-brainer!

Microfiber mops can be laundered up to 500 times. Compare that to the 55-100 times of regular mops. For example, in 1 year, a hospital could see a 60% reduction in mop costs. Plus, more mops fit in 1 load of laundry, lowering water, detergent and energy usage.

Because of Microfiber’s increased efficiency and efficacy, you can ex- perience water and chemical sav- ings as much as 90%-95% per day, according to the EPA’s statistics.

Using Microfiber reduces fatigue while increasing square footage coverage, and allows fewer trips to change water/solution. For example, in 1 year a hospital could see a 20% average custodial labor savings per day. When combined with the mop cost savings it can be more than $7000 per year, per custodian!