Cheese Cloth



Cheesecloth is an excellent choice for paint straining, low-lint cleaning, polishing and food service applications. Many paint, industrial, janitorial, and food service industries specify cheesecloth fabric for their applications because of its unique combination of purity, softness, absorbency and strength.

Note that the higher the Grade the tighter the weave or more yarns per square inch. Conversely the lower the weave, the more porous the material.

Idealfold, 36” 4-ply folded to 9” wide, contentious length accordion folded into box, 10 boxes/master carton

  • Grade 10, 20/12, 80 yards/box
  • Grade 40, 24/20, 70 yards/box
  • Grade 50, 28/24, 70 yards/box
  • Grade 60, 32/28, 60 yards/box
  • Grade 90, 44/36, 50 yards/box