Our lightweight aluminum frames are equipped with an easy to use mechanism that connects the frame to a telescopic pole. Velcro backing attaches the Microfiber flat mops to the frames. The frames have a locking device that can be locked into place for wall washing or unlocked to allow them to swivel at a 360 degree angle for floor mopping

Aluminum Frames

aluminum frames
  • M700018
  • Aluminum lockable frames
  • Velcro strips are riveted
  • Multiple sizes: 11”, 16”, 22”, 34” x 5”

Telescopic Poles

telescopic pole
  • M700071
  • Aluminum handle
  • Plastic handle cap
  • Also available in Steel Pole w/EVA grip
  • 34” extendable to 71”

Flomop Dispensing Pole

  • M70090
  • Can cover up to 3000 square feet
  • Ergonomic palm mechanism
  • Aluminum frame w/refill bottle
  • Easy connect and disconnect refill bottle
  • 28 oz. capacity bottle

Microfiber Charging Bucket

charging bucket
  • M77002
  • 24” wide
  • Can accommodate up to 24” flat mop

Multifunctional Cart

multifunctional cart 1
  • M77003
  • Janitor’s cart
  • Light weight and durable

Mop Adapter

mop adapter
  • M78001
  • Connects Microfiber Tube Mops (M600014) to Telescopic Poles (M700071)