New Painters Rags

Painters’ rags are sold in 2.5 lb bags, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb boxes and compressed bales.
Customized private labeled programs are available on request.
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Premium New White Knit Painters Rags


Smooth, absorbent bright new white t-shirt material
No seams
Cut into minimum 18”x18” pieces

Deluxe New White Knit Painters Rags


Cheaper alternative to Premium New White Knit
mixed construction knits including baby ribbed, and french terry
Absorbent, low linting and highly effective
12”x12” to 18”x18” pieces

New Color Knit


Derived from new color t-shirt material
Excellent for clean up and spills

New Heather Grey Knit


New Color Knit Material
Heather grey color

Unbleached Jersey Knit


New unbleached (tan) jersey knit material
Cheaper alternative to New White Knit