Recycled Painters Rags

Painters’ rags are sold in 2.5 lb bags, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb boxes and compressed bales.
Customized private labeled programs are available on request.
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Recycled White Knit rags

  • All white cotton t-shirts
  • Cut from reclaimed white cotton t-shirts
  • Absorbent wiping rags ideal for painting & staining

White Flannel rags

  • Cut from hospital grade flannel blankets
  • Highly absorbent and low linting

Color Knit Cleanup rags

  • Derived from new color t-shirt material
  • Cheaper alternative to New Color Knit
  • Cut from reclaimed color cotton t-shirts

Pastel Color Knit rags

  • Soft color t-shirt rags
  • Highly absorbent. Dark colors removed