Overview: Wholesale Towels

At Wiper Central we have over 17 years of experience doing business with overseas manufacturers of quality cotton and poly-cotton towels. We import container load quantities from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and China to our 80,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles, California.

Because these towels are high use items, it is important to us to carry high quality towels to give not only our customers but also the end users the best possible product. Fortunately Wiper Central carries an assortment of top-notch wholesale institutional towels.

Our line is all inclusive, from inexpensive white cotton wash cloths to top of the line ring spun white cotton bath towels and white cotton hand towels. If you are searching for durable wholesale gym towels, hair salon towels or hotel towels, Wiper Central has the towel you need.

We carry a comprehensive line of Institutional Towels for the following industries

  • HealthcareView Brochure
  • Hospitality
  • Linen Rentals
  • Athletic Clubs

Not only do we carry first quality towels but we also stock a full line of irregular towels. These are towels with slight weaving defects, priced at a considerable discount.

Wholesale and bulk options available at great prices.

Custom label tags also available with minimum order quantities.

Ask us about our towel buy back program. Wiper Central has a buy back program for all wholesale towel customers. In addition to selling new towels, we also offer buy-back programs for “ragged out” linen. We offer credits towards our customers’ purchases or a cash option per sale