Wiper Central has been manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling textiles for over twenty-one years. We started out as a regional wiping rag company and have developed into a national and international supplier of wiping materials, microfiber, and towels. In addition to domestic textile purchases, our global sourcing program has expanded to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South America.



Our goal is to attract and keep customers by offering great products, excellent service, and competitive pricing. We aim for repeat business – if we sell to you only once, we have failed. Because we stock everything we sell, we offer same or next day shipment. We have grown our business by introducing and developing programs for our customers. We are constantly developing new products to keep our customers’ relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. Customer Service

At Wiper Central one of our greatest assets is the people who make our organization run. We take pride in maintaining the highest level of customer service. Our efficient front-office staff quickly answer questions, process orders, and handle client concerns. Your ongoing satisfaction is important to us.

We are open from 6.00 am to 4.30 pm PST, five days a week, and stock many items on both the West and East Coasts, making it easy to service national accounts.



We sort, cut, and package mixed post-consumer textiles for our wiping materials. By using cotton wiping cloths generated from either textile production or recycled clothing, we are keeping these materials out of landfills. We are a proud member of SMART, an association that heightens awareness of textile recycling.


We are especially proud of the contribution our Microfiber program has made to Green Cleaning.

Some of the Green Benefits of Microfiber:


Wiper Central has a buy-back program for wholesale towels and linens. In addition to selling new towels, we also offer buy-back programs for “ragged out” linens. We offer credits towards our customers’ purchases or a cash option per sale.